Germany: ‘30% of Muslim high schoolers willing to die for Islam’

German research is showing that 30% of Muslim high schoolers (age 12 / 13 and up) are willing to fight and risk their lives for Islam. 27.4% prefer sharia law to German law for adultery and homosexuality. 8% think establishing an Islamic state through war is justified, and 4% supports the use of terror attacks to that end. 19.8% think Muslims are being oppressed around the world, and should use violence to defend themselves. 18.6% think Muslims have a duty to fight infidels and to spread Islam across the world.

The numbers among boys are a little higher than for girls, but the difference is not significant. Lead researcher Christian Pfeiffer is a criminologist who has been studying the correlation between crime and immigration since 1998. This research was done in the Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) state in Germany in 2015, when ISIS was at its peak.

Integration has failed, and animosity towards the west is growing, not getting less. And this is the level of animosity among the people living here. There is an enemy army among us. They know which side they will be on when the time comes for them to choose. Sadly, on our side most still refuse to believe that time may come at all.

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