Germany: AfD almost biggest party in latest poll, just 1.5% behind Merkel’s CDU

This week’s poll for Bild shows the right-wing AfD as the second-largest party in Germany, just 1.5 percentage point behind Merkel’s CDU. AfD is the biggest and only serious challenger to Merkel’s “Wir schaffen das” open door immigration policy. Their rise, in the face of continuous allegations of racism and extremism, is illustrative of the bankruptcy of the left’s hegemony – even in Germany, where the left has been able to exploit the phantom of alleged nazism to its fullest, as you may imagine.

To temper expectations: AfD will never be allowed to wield any kind of power any time soon. Other parties will team up to artificially beat AfD in an actual vote, or no other party will join a coalition government with AfD if they do become the biggest. These same tactics have kept Vlaams Blok (Flemish Block), now Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) away from power in Belgium for years. For political context in Germany:

CDU and CSU are allied parties, Christian-Democrats who are center-right on paper, but the mainstream right is basically the left and that is no different here.

SPD are social democrats.

FDP are centrist-liberals (not ‘liberals’ as a eufemism for left-wingers, as it is used in the US)

Linke (the left) and Grüne (the greens) are both far-left.

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