Germany: Antifa and mainstream left protest memorial for girl murdered by refugee

While we are on the subject of the left’s cynicism, Bill Maher was one example, but the German establishment has gone completely off the rails in desperate attempts to keep the country’s borders open.

On June 10 in Germany, Antifa and mainstream left wing parties (the Left party and the Greens’ youth party) protested against a memorial for 14 year-old Susanna, who was murdered by an Iraqi refugee (who traveled back to Iraq after the murder, because apparently it was not that unsafe there).

Susanna disappeared on May 22 and was found dead more than two weeks later. Iraqi suspect Ali Bashar has confessed to the murder. He was arrested in Iraq, because Europe is nice enough for murdering young girls, but legal trouble is a bit of a hassle – and apparently worse than the warzone he supposedly fled.

A politician for the Christian Democrats (CDA/CDU, a part of Angela Merkel’s party) Venny Lang, stated on Facebook: “If Susanna had not been murdered by the Iraqi, she might have been ‘run over by a car or someone else would have killed her.’” (screenshot, in German, on – see link)

The cynical mental gymnastics of the left are reaching incredible highs. How many dead girls are they willing to trample on in order to keep the borders over? There have been hundreds of victims already, and that has not been enough. When will it be?


Update 14 June 2018:

Sadly, it didn’t end with the examples above.

Columnist Werner Kolhoff wrote:

An adolescent girl hangs around her neighborhood with boys. That sort of thing doesn’t always end well. The act, as horrible as it is, has nothing to do with the nationality of the victim or the perpetrators. They might has well have been the other way around.

Victim blaming and false equivalency in one short paragraph. Strange, I’ve never read after a rape: ‘well, this was a man raping a woman, but it might as well have been the other way around.’ (Empirically not an outlandish comparison – I’ve never read about a Jewish person murdering a (young, female) Muslim in the West.)

And then there was the establishment left in German parliament which en masse refused to honor a minute of silence for Susanna, requested by AfD:

This is ideological desperation: reality is becoming ever further removed from the left’s ideology and they have to contort themselves into almost impossible positions in order to keep drawing the same conclusions. Doubting the ideology would mean doubting themselves, and it is clearly not an option. It is cognitive dissonance in its purest form.

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