Germany: refugee rapes up by 90%

In the first six months of 2017 the number of rapes in the German region of Bavaria was almost 50% higher than in the same period in 2016, rising from 463 to 685. The number of rapes known to be committed by “refugees” or immigrants is up by 90% (66 in 2016 and 126 in 2017), making them responsible for (at least) 18.4% of all rapes.

German newspaper Bild emphasizes that this means that 81.6% of all rapes were committed by Germans, but they fail to specify what constitutes a “German” in this research. From the wording it seems that rapists not born in Germany falls into the 18.4% category, while those who were born in Germany automatically fall into the 81.6% group. The question remains then: which portion of the Bavarian population is responsible for the 18.4% of rapes? And how many perpetrators in the 81.6% group have a migrant background?

These articles are often deliberately vague about the way they categorize groups of people, making it difficult to draw conclusions and downplaying the presence of migrants in crime statistics.

Sadly, last Friday another German girl was victimized by immigrant rapists (and, by extension, the criminal open doors policy of Germany and the EU. The 16 year-old was raped by two Afghan “refugees” (17 and 27 years old). A third attacker (18) was stopped by a passer-by. The three have been arrested. The 27 year-old was already known to police for his aggressive behavior and had spent a night in jail just a week earlier for vandalism.

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