Germany: Two sick “honor” attacks in one week, one deadly

A 41 year-old Syrian man, living in Germany, stabbed his 37 year-old wife, also from Syria, to death because she wanted to kick him out of the house. The man proudly started filming right after the atrocity, proclaiming “This is a message to all Syrian women who do this to their husbands (…) She did this. It’s not my fault, it’s hers.” All the while, their son is present, as the man gets his son to call his mother a slut, and he instructs him to tell the police that he doesn’t want to live with his mother anymore.

Shortly before that, on Tuesday last week a 17 year-old girl barely survived after her brother had stabbed her for wanting to divorce her 34 year-old husband, who was also present during the attack. The two were married (for Islamic law, not German law) three years ago, so the girl must have been around 14 at the time. They had a child in April of last year, and the girl was pregnant again when the attack took place. In this case, too, the attackers filmed themselves boasting about their deeds. The brother can be seen smoking a cigarette, telling the camera how he enjoys “watching her while she dies” while she can be heard in the background, pleading for her life. The girl was stabbed in the chest, and the corners of her mouth were cut open, but for now it looks like she will survive.

The brother was released from prison just several hours before the stabbing, after serving a sentence for preparing a terror attack in Denmark in which he was reportedly prepared to “die a martyr”.

In this same week, Chancellor Merkel said she hoped German culture would blend together with other cultures over the next sixty years.


Sources: Geenstijl (Dutch), Frankfurter Allgemeine (German)

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