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‘Get a dog’ – Dutch city’s advice to residents worried about rising migrant crime

Dutch police had to respond 4,600 times to incidents involving asylum seekers last year, for crimes ranging from shoplifting and pickpocketing to assault and vandalism. Many suspects turned out to have been involved in multiple crimes, and most are from safe countries like Algeria and Morocco, meaning they have little to no chance of ever getting asylum status. A week after this news was shared by the responsible government department, police revealed that some of the most serious crimes were deliberately hidden in the numbers, by grouping them as ‘Other’.

The crimes we were not supposed to know about are: 79 sex attacks including assault, child abuse, rape and possession of child pornography. 51 serious assaults. 31 counts of murder, manslaughter and attempted murder / manslaughter. 5 abductions. 4 counts of human trafficking. 73 domestic disturbances.

Police officials told Dutch media about the covering up of serious crimes, while the department responsible chose to bury this information.

‘Get a dog’

Barely two weeks ago, residents of the small town of Overloon demanded action of the high number of burglaries and other crimes since the opening of an asylum seekers’ center. Several residents told local media that the city’s response was to tell the concerned villagers to “get a good guard dog”.

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