Globalists in Spain fighting hard to prevent the people from voting

Tomorrow, October 1st, the Spanish region of Catalonia will hold a referendum on its indepence. While the Catalan local government insists the vote will go ahead, the national government of Spain is going to extreme lengths to make sure the vote does not happen.

Spaniards are chanting “Go get ’em” in support of the Spanish police leaving for the Catalan region ahead of the referendum:

Spanish police have confiscated ballot papers and referendum posters. Judges have ordered for several pro-independence websites to be taken offline (to which the EU had nothing to say except ‘they don’t interfere in internal affairs’, except that is all the EU ever does of course, but apparently not when it helps their globalist agenda). Cruise ships filled with Guardia Civil (Spain’s national militarized police) are docked in Catalan cities (although several ports have tried to block their entry in the past week).

The vote

Volunteers and activists have been occupying schools and other buildings which should serve as polling stations tomorrow to make sure the police would not be able to enter the buildings earlier and keep them closed on referendum day. The question now is how far the police will go to prevent people from voting tomorrow. The question after that is how the Spanish national government will respond to the outcome if the vote does take place (and especially if the people vote for independence).

Of course, the government in Spain could follow the examples of several governments in Europe which have recently ignored referendum results, including Ireland and The Netherlands (repeatedly).

Whether an independent Catalonia will swing to the right or the left I don’t know, but I support the Catalans’ right to govern themselves as they see fit. Even though a local government will no doubt still be too intrusive in their daily lives, at least their influence on its policies should be bigger than it is on the national level, let alone the European. And that is, if nothing else, a step in the right direction.

Censorship and oppression of dissent


Interestingly, everywhere this battle is fought, the establishment keeps making the same mistakes. In stead of taking a serious interest in the objections parts of the population have to their policies, they opt for a crackdown on politics they don’t like. They censor speech, they obstruct and undermine political organizations and slander activists. Consider the seriousness of this situation: the governments which are supposed to represent us are aware of our grievances, but choose a deliberate strategy of ignoring and actively silencing us rather than trying to come to a compromise or solution that acknowledges that other viewpoints are valid as well. Democracy in the West these days means: fall in line with the globalist establishment, or shut up.

They still don’t realize that we are all connected. We all talk to one another. We know what’s going on, even if their own news outlets are not reporting on it. That is a harsh reality the establishment has yet to get used to. Losing their monopoly on the flow of information has been crucial in rise of anti-establishment movements all over the West. That is why they are fighting so hard to turn social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter into de facto state sanctioned news outlets. And that is why it is essential that we always hold on to true free speech alternatives like Gab.


Unsurprisingly, the national government’s crackdown for now appears to sway more Catalans in favor of independence in stead of safeguarding their ideal of a unified Spain. This is illustrated by an article in the Express which quotes several Catalans who feel this way including one who states that “the sight of police storming government buildings convinced him that the region needs to be an independent state.” This is utterly predictable of course, but the establishment has gotten so used to not being challenged that the only option they seem to see to deal with dissent is the use of force.

While the Catalan struggle for independence has been going on for years, it is clear that nationalist sentiments are on the rise across the West, taking a stand against the political globalism of the establishment. The globalists are doing everything they can to hold on to their power, but they are fighting a losing battle. The will of the people is stronger, and the situation created by the globalists (changing countries through mass immigration from the Third World, skyrocketing national debts, extreme government intrusion in all aspects of life, the complete surrender and destruction of our culture and civilization) is untenable. As we have seen in the US and in Great Britain, the establishment’s monopoly on all of society’s institutions is not enough for them to convince the voters of their ideas anymore. Recent elections in Germany, France and The Netherlands are also showing that the tides are turning.

The future is ours.

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