Government bans elected politicians from visiting the Islamic enclave of Molenbeek in Belgium

Two leaders of the European right, Filip Dewinter from Flanders’ VlaamsBelang (Flemish Interest) and Geert Wilders from the Dutch PVV (Party For Freedom), were planning an “Islam safari” last Friday in the Molenbeek area of Brussels. Brussels is Europe’s jihad capital, and Molenbeek in particular is home to many radical Muslims, which is why terrorist Salah Abdeslam was able to live there in plain sight after the deadly Paris attacks of November 2015. Of course, this wouldn’t be 2017 Europe if these two democratically elected politicans were simply allowed to roam public streets, so you may have guessed what happened: their visit was forbidden by the city government.

To avoid complicated political consequences, Wilders decided to stay away from Molenbeek, but Dewinter (who was in his own country, after all) decided to go anyway, but was turned away by police before he could enter Molenbeek. He noted:

I’ve visited Mosul, Aleppo and Damascus. I have never had any problems and I received government protection to be able to visit there. But I’m not welcome in Molenbeek. Why? Are there things here that I’m not allowed to see?

It is difficult to come to a different conclusion. For a mayor to quickly issue a decree banning elected politicians from public streets under the guise of “not being able to guarantee their safety” is a disgraceful capitulation to violent extremists at best, and a malicious sabotage of political adversaries at worst. But likely, it is a little bit of both.

Surely the establishment and the left will find a way to blame this on the victims, surely they shouldn’t have provoked and insulted Muslims, surely they should have been more welcoming to refugees and surely girls who wear short skirts can expect to get raped.

Dewinter and Wilders struck back hard:

Molenbeek is now officially an Islamic no-go zone, where we are no longer the boss of our own country. [The mayors of Brussels and Molenbeek] are behaving like collaborators, and they are playing right into the hand of radical Islam. Brussels and Molenbeek are run by imams.

The duo are taking the local governments of Brussels and Molenbeek to court for violating their rights, adding: “It is not us who are provoking, but those who have turned Molenbeek and Brussels into Islamic enclaves.”

Interestingly, this one act of government destroys several popular left-wing narratives. This proves that (1) the Muslim community is problematically violent; (2) the political establishment chooses radical Muslims over patriotic politicians; (3) the left blames victims for the bad things happening to them, whenever that fits the left-wing ideology; (4) borders can be closed, people can be banned from coming into a designated area.

No one should hear of this happening and still have any doubt where the West is currently headed. For those who still do: the video below, tweeted by Dewinter’s fellow party member Sam van Rooy, may give you an indication why elected politicians would need protection to visit Molenbeek, and why the Belgian government refuses to arrange that.



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