Greece about to crack under continued influx of illegal immigrants

We have been hearing that fewer migrants are coming to Europe for several months now, and the Absolutely-Not-The-Enemies-Of-The-People in the media are making sure to paint the picture that the migration crisis and its burdens have eased. Then, every once in a while, the truth shines through the cracks a bit: another 50,000 illegal immigrants arrived in Greece last year (even though new routes have opened via Spain), and there is a record number of illegals in Greece at the moment (75,000), higher even than in 2016.

Speaking to a Dutch newspaper, Greek minister
of Migration Dimitris Vitsas signals that Greece may ‘crack’ under the pressure if nothing changes: “Our judicial system and medical system are about to collapse.”

According to the UN:

More irregular migrants and refugees are arriving to Europe via a route that takes them from¬†Morocco to Spain than, are arriving to Italy via Libya or to Greece via Turkey. (…) More irregular migrants and refugees are now arriving in Europe via the straight of Gibraltar than anywhere else

Data from Eurostat (also available on Wikipedia) shows that more than 5 million asylum seekers arrived in European Union countries between 2008 and 2018.

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