Green Left in Amsterdam wants city to attract migrant boats

Amsterdam has insufficient numbers of police officers, health care workers and teachers, a housing shortage, a failing de-radicalization strategy and a group of violent and intimidating illegals squatting in buildings (again, illegally). What Amsterdam doesn’t have, yet, are NGO boats full of more illegals – so the local Green Left (GroenLinks) party is now calling for the city to invite them.

For context: Green Left is the biggest party in Amsterdam, is therefore part of the local government and the recently appointed (unelected) mayor of Amsterdam is former Green Left leader Femke Halsema. It is not at all impossible that their dreams will become a reality.

In case you were worried: the leader of the violent and intimidating illegals, Khalid Abdou Jone, has been given a permanent visa by the Dutch government. The far-left Amsterdam city council has recently promised illegal immigrants a no-arrest policy and offered 24-hour housing for 500 illegals for a period of up to 18 months – ideas that were blasted by the opposition for turning Amsterdam into ‘a magnet for illegals’. But leave it to the left to respond to illegal immigrants engaging in illegal activities by rewarding them.

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