Greenpeace Germany dumps 900 gallons of paint in the streets of Berlin

Last month, Greenpeace Germany spilled 3,500 liters of paint (over 900 gallons) over a roundabout to protest the use of fossil fuels instead of solar power and other forms and other forms of ‘renewable energy’. The idea was to make the roundabout ‘look like a sun’ when seen from above. What it actually did was make it look like a bunch of morons spilled thousands of liters of paint on a roundabout.

Seven cleaning trucks were used to clean up the paint, which Greenpeace said was environmentally friendly. Even so, this seems wasteful. And the cleaning trucks were probably not so environmentally friendly, nor was the cleaning required to all the individual vehicles that passed through the paint. But this is not the first time Greenpeace was neither Green nor very Peaceful.

In 2015, they dumped large boulders in the Northsea, endangering local fishermen.

In 2013, they destroyed GMO Golden Rice fields to protest ‘biotech’ crops, for which they were slammed by scientists who said the rice helped fight Vitamin A definciencies in the local population, potentially preventing millions from going blind and even saving up to 2 million lives per year, many of whom children younger than 5.

In 2005, their ship Rainbow Warrior II damaged a coral reef in the Philippines.

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