Halal butchers tortured animals: Hussain and Hussein walk free, Woodward jailed for 20 weeks

In Leeds, UK, Halal slaughtermen Kabeer Hussain and Kazam Hussein were found guilty of torturing animals and subjecting them unnecessary suffering. They have received only suspended sentences. Their boss, William Woodward, was jailed for 20 weeks, for turning a blind eye.

So… is witnessing a crime without intervening worse than actually comitting the crime now? Or is it something else? Perhaps this is just more proof that the establishment’s ‘tolerant’ leftism generally boils down to having absurdly low expectations for immigrants and non-whites.

From the Express:

Under strict regulations on halal slaughter animals must be killed with a single, clean cut to the throat and then allowed to lose consciousness for at least 30 seconds before being moved on to the next stage of slaughter in a bid to minimise suffering.

But the secret footage showed the two slaughtermen, both from Bradford, waiting between one and 11 seconds before the animals were sent on to be strung up by their back legs on the processing line, still conscious.

Evidence of the animals’ suffering was provided by Animal Aid, which had workers taking undercover video footage of the goings on in the abattoir:

Kabeer Hussain, 44, and Kazam Hussein, 55, were filmed taunting animals, waving knives in front of them and shouting at them. Magitrates heard some of the sheep could be seen slipping and staggering as blood poured from their necks.

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