Hamburg G20: the results of left wing terrorism

In Hamburg, surrounding the G20 summit, we’ve seen widespread leftist terrorism. The only reason it could come this far is that the mainstream left has been justifying and nourishing the radical left’s violence for years. Left wing terrorist groups have existed and have been left relatively alone by the authorities, who have been constantly inflating the dangers of the right and ignoring the dangers of the left.

While authorities across the West regularly cancel and prohibit right wing events and protests for fear of violent left wing counter protests, apparently they saw no reason to ban the – admittedly aptly named – “Welcome to Hell” protest, which anyone could see coming would descend into the chaos we have seen the past couple of days.

  • Around 500 police officers injured
  • An estimated 178 million euros in damages
  • Deployment of the most specialized anti terror squad in Germany to protect ambushed police
  • And an endless parade of mainstream leftists proclaiming “this wasn’t the left, this wasn’t ideological, it’s not about left or right” and “the police have caused the escalation.”

Sure, there is some condemnation among the left. But there are also many, many apologists. The outrage is in no way comparable to what it would have been if any other group had been behind it. The left cannot help sticking up for each other, and there really isn’t that much difference between the underground and the mainstream.

Federal Minister Peter Altmaier cannot help dragging the right into the equation:

This is the Greens posing with an Antifa / AFA flag at the European Parliament:

Local SPD chairman and former cabinet member Ralf Stegner tries to pin all violence in general on the right, and concludes that the left wing terrorists in Hamburg were not the left wing:


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