Happy (N)PC Halloween! Altering your skin color is OK, just don’t make it darker

Campus Reform has shared a note from Princeton’s Student Government, outlining some rules for this year’s Halloween costumes. While the note manages to omit the word “offensive”, all of the rules on it are hardly any more objective or concrete than that.

Costumes should not make fun of a group of people. Costumes should not have the potential to create an unsafe environment [unsafe environment is just a euphemism for offensive]. Costumes should not reduce racial differences to jokes and stereotypes [so it’s OK to address racial differences, just don’t joke about them. And then hope or pray nobody feels offended, erm, ‘unsafe’, which is entirely impossible in 2018]. Don’t alter your skin color to make it darker [wait what? So lighter is OK? But not darker. Anti-racism is complicated].

Campus Reform quotes Akhil Rajasekar of the Princeton chapter of Federalist Society offering a breath of relief in the constant thought-policing madness:

“People really should stop looking for things by which to be offended. Not everything is offensive and, even if it is, one must learn to shrug it off,” Rajasekar concluded. “The ability to remain unaffected by external circumstances only serves to make one stronger. Yet, our culture today is perpetually one verbal or social misstep away from being tragically offended or ‘invalidated,’ whatever that means.”


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