Have we finally hit MSM rock bottom?

Have we finally hit MSM rock bottom? I know: of course not – they’ll never stop surprising us. But their stupidity does continue to venture on further into unchartered territories. Do they become establishment cronies because their way of thinking is so warped, or does their way of thinking become so warped because they support the establishment? Either way, they must have turned about 180 degrees from common sense by now.

I mean, political cartoons are supposed to be sharp and make an original, astute point. So does the NYT cartoonist know what the army is actually for? This person probably even opposed pointless wars in the Middle East under Bush Jr, but then between 2009 and 2017 war inexplicably started to grow on him. Clearly, to the point that the thought of President Trump ending wars in the Middle East and using the US Military to protect the US border has him up in arms.

And then there ThinkProgress ‘journalist’ Aaron Rupar, who managed to accuse President Trump of building ‘concentration camps’ near the Mexican border. And then two tweets later he accused the President of ‘fear mongering’ for talking about a clash between the migrant caravan and Mexican security forces. You know, a thing that actually happened.

Oh yeah, Aaron: somebody is funding the caravan. It’s Beto O’Rourke.

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