Headscarves and veils: tools of oppression celebrated by the left as symbols of freedom

The biggest problem of left-wing ideology is its disconnect from reality. The extent to which they get away with this is illustrative of their dominance in our societal institutions; a deception of this magnitude would not be possible without a firm grip on public opinion. Their ubiquitous celebration of a racist, homophobic, mass-murdering terrorist and mass-marketing his image for huge profits to underscore their dedication to socialism is just one such example. Another is their staunch defense of the most misogynistic, homophobic, authoritarian and oppressive religion today while declaring themselves champions of women, liberalism and the LGBT community.

While millions of women in islamic countries are forced to wear headscarves or full-body veils, at the risk of being ostracized, whipped or even killed for non-compliance, the left has the audacity to declare the headscarf a symbol of freedom and female independence. Headscarves and full-body veils are in fact tools of oppression in the most patriarchal community of our time. They are meant to dehumanize women, strip them of their individuality and sense of self. They are meant to teach them obedience from early youth onward, and to immediately position them as second-tier citizens. It is the direct and visible distinction between the freedoms men allow themselves under islam and the restrictions to which they subject women.

But for the left, it’s easier to reason away the plight of these women than to reconsider their own ideology.

The left thrives on the victimhood of (groups of) people. But all victims cannot be equal. In the past, the left wanted to protect women. Now they ruthlessly throw women in islamic communities, women in the most vulnerable and dangerous of circumstances, under the bus for their new favorites: Muslims.

Another trick up the left’s sleeve is to paint the genuine concern of right-wingers for oppressed Muslim women as a ploy to make our ‘racism’ more acceptable. Their principal assumption is that the right is evil and racist, and all their reasoning always circles back to that. Regardless of input, the output will always be: ‘right-wing = racist’. In actuality it is their own increasing disconnect from reality that has alienated them from most of the reasonable, common sense-supporting west.

Islam as an ideology has mastered the art of exploiting freedom to undermine freedom. How can the West respond to this phenomenon without sacrificing the individual liberty most of us hold so dear? Banning the burqa is a mostly symbolic step to combat the visible islamization of the west; it is such an extreme expression of islamic oppression that I personally support the ban (while I understand that some don’t). Headscarves are different. Regardless of my opinion about their choice, some Muslim women do choose to wear headscarves themselves, and banning all headscarves would be an infringement on individual freedom that would end up doing more harm than good. Governments must not legislate clothing styles.

But Austria is leading the way with common sense, liberty-supporting legislation: headscarves are banned for kindergarten-age girls, and they are looking into expanding the ban to the age of 14. This type of legislation is an ideal solution to an imported problem, and a solution that affirms Western values in the face of a backward ideology.

The most ‘feminist’ governments of the West uncritically don these tools oppression so that they may speak to male leaders of islamic countries. The left tells us this is freedom. Feminists tell us this is choice. Don’t allow them to turn the future of our own little girls into this backward nightmare. Islam is oppression. The islamization of the West is the suicide of a civilization.

The question is if there could be anything about Islam that would make today’s neo-feminists change their minds about it. A scene from Dutch TV below, filmed in Sweden. A Syrian immigrant complains that he is not allowed to have multiple wives in Sweden, although he adds he will marry his third wife soon. A Swedish lady present at the interview sticks up for him, saying that the first wife will have influence on the decision – but the first wife later says the man will simply do what he wants.

In the tradition where they come from the wife has to do a lot. She needs to serve the man. And it’s very hard if you have a few kids, she needs to cook, she needs to wash, she needs to go shopping and everything. So actually there are women that tell their husbands to get a second wife.

I am old enough to remember feminists in the West would simply demand their husbands get involved in running the household. But under neo-feminism, apparently treating your wife as a slave is fine. And if she’s not happy being a slave, don’t help – get a second slave! The mental gymnastics of the left…



Update January 2019:

Another fine example of the ‘free choice’ Muslim women have comes from the UK, where a Muslim Youtuber has received massive amounts of hate mail after saying she won’t always be wearing a headscarf anymore.

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