Heineken’s condescending drivel

Heineken used to be condescending drivel in a bottle. Now it has condescending drivel on the outside of the bottle as well.

Open your borders and basically, “be nice to everyone”. Please tell us, oh our wise leaders at Heineken, how we should respond when it turns out that not everyone in the world likes us? (Just like, for instance, quite a few of them are not fond of alcohol.)

As it turns out, most of the world actually does not like us very much at all, two thirds of the world hate the West, according to anti-terrorism expert Peter Knoope (PDF alert). Shall we keep them coming over here? Drink to their health? For as long as they and their left-wing allies will let us, that is.

My advice to patriots: if you want to drink a Dutch beer, make sure it’s a good one.


[Note: I’ve linked to the Hertog Jan brewery, but as far as I know they have no open political affiliations, nor do I intend to suggest that they do. It’s just very good beer.]

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