Hellhole Brussels: more migrant riots, police desperate

For the third time in less than two weeks, migrants caused mass riots in Brussels (Belgium) last Saturday, November 25. This time, a demonstration against slavery in Libya (which one would obviously organize in Brussels) escalated into a riot. 71 rioters were arrested, one police officer suffered a fractured cranium, and no one is expecting any of the arrested to be in jail for long.

Two weeks of violence

First, Moroccans trashed Brussels (and other European cities) on November 11 after the Moroccan national soccer team qualified for the World Cup tournament. Then, on November 15, a rapper drew a crowd in downtown Brussels, apparently for a flashmob, which turned into masses of mostly non-Western immigrants attacking police, vandalizing stores, destroying a Christmas market and assaulting passers-by.

Even establishment politicians are waking up to the fact that there “is probably a system behind the riots“, since it seems unlikely that people would spontaneously start rioting so often in such a short period of time. Well, Minister of the Interior Mr. Jambon, let me repeat what I wrote after the last riots:

It is clear that young migrants, growing up in inwardly focused non-Western, often even anti-Western, communities are now exploiting every show of weakness from the authorities in their host countries. Sadly, the establishment is not learning their lesson: they keep opting for a soft approach, while it is abundantly clear that it has no effect at best, and an opposite effect at worst. Every time these thugs force the police to retreat, every time they cause chaos and destruction and no one is arrested, every time their friends are arrested but never properly punished, the West becomes more of a laughing stock to them. Every time, we can count on them getting worse the next time – because their actions have no serious consequences. They have turned their backs on us, on our culture and our civilization. The only things they embrace about the West are our money, and our freedoms which they abuse as an opportunity to act out as savages.

Police fed up with left wing judges

Belgian magazine Humo (via, source in Dutch) interviewed several police officers on duty in Brussels, who paint a picture which should set every multiculturalist and progressive straight about their naieve ideologies. Officers shackled by accusations of racism, judges refusing to deliver meaningful punishments, leadership doubling down on a failing soft approach, tolerated corruption within the force and basically the current state of urban warfare between migrant youths and the police. Which the police are losing.

Recently, a demonstration organized by the immigrant community was to pass our police station, and leadership considered removing all police logo’s as it might be too provocative. That’s their mentality.

Even if we arrest fifty rioters, they would all be released the next day. Cooperation between police and the justice system is at an all-time low. We are constantly clashing with young, left-wing magistrates who think we are all racists.

I have arrested hundreds of criminals in the past years, but I don’t think more than ten of them have been in jail for more than a few days. 90% of what we do is completely pointless.

They would rather hire 5-foot sexuology or psychology majors than ex-military men. They want a “peace and love” police force which only mediates and soothes.

A Moroccan colleague of ours was brought in. She was arrested for having three kilo’s of cocaine and heroin in her car while on holiday in Italy with her boyfriend. She went to jail for a short time over there, but went right back to work over here. She wasn’t even suspended for a single day. She had been involved in international drug trafficking! But she still retained access to all databases.


Don’t go to Brussels.

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