‘Heroes’ of the European Green Deal: power companies planning to turn the North Sea into a wind turbine park

Following the ‘European Green Deal’, put forward by the personification of the career politician, anti-democrat Frans Timmermans, a consortium of three major corporations is proposing the construction of a massive wind turbine park in the North Sea and a huge hydrogen power plant in the north of The Netherlands. The plans are already being pushed by establishment politicians, and they have the support of the local government of the province of Groningen.

One of the three corporations is Shell. Vilified for years by environmentalists for ‘killing the Earth’, but now that they have found a way to cash in on millions (or even billions) in subsidies, we are suddenly supposed to hail them as our new heroes.

Wind turbines are expensive and need subsidies to yield any perceived benefit (which is not actual benefit, since we have to pay extra for it).

They are lethal to birds and building them at sea will destroy the underwater eco system.

Their parts are unrecyclable and that leaves us with massive amounts of unusable material.

They are unsightly and take up enormous amounts of space to generate just a little bit of energy.

Between extreme deforestation to fuel biomass projects (again, involving millions in subsidies) and these ill-conceived plans, environmentalism is turning out to be the biggest stain on the world of the 21st century. 

Always remember: any self proclaimed environmentalist who does not advocate nuclear power and putting pressure on China and India either has no idea what they are talking about or is deliberately deceiving you.

Environmentalism is about reforming the economy away from free market capitalism and towards socialism, with more government power and more spending. Wind turbines are turning your power bill into yet another hidden tax. 

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