How the political class are forcing the Marrakesh Pact on us all, against the will of the people

The Marrakesh Pact is proving an interesting beast. The Dutch parliament initially refused to debate it, members of the coalition government hadn’t even heard about it just a couple of months ago, when our parliament finally did debate it, hardly any MP was present – while the stands for the public were packed. If something is so important to the people, and so insignificant to their representatives, are the people being represented at all?

The plot thickens when we turn to Belgium, where the coalition government collapsed over the Marrakesh Pact, as the right-wingish NVA refused to support signing the pact and their coalition partners, led by PM Charles Michel, decided to continue on without NVA. So the Belgian government now no longer has a parliamentary majority to count on. Standard procedure would be to issue new elections, but apparently to globalist crony Charles Michel, signing the Marrakesh Pact is so important that it is worth sacrificing the stability of the country’s government and continuing on with a basically illegitimate government in that it does not have the support of at least 50% of the population.

Obviously, the Marrakesh Pact is not that insignificant to Dutch globalist politicians at all – they were simply trying to sign it without too many of us noticing. Because that is how we are being ruled.

Senator Hirono may think that the left has a hard time connecting with people because leftie politicians know so much more than us, their dumbass subservients, but I fear for her and her fellow-lefties that more and more of us are catching on.


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