If you look at government like your Mommy, the government will treat you like a child

Remember those “Oy, you got a loicense for that bread knife?” jokes? We can’t even make them about pizza and burgers, because the UK may just outright ban those. Reiterating the point the under leftism, we can’t have adults going around deciding for themselves how to live, or even just what to eat. European nanny states are on a roll. Last month, I wrote about Belgium now being almost 40% more expensive than in 2000, and the Dutch government pusing for steep increases in the price of alcohol and tobacco, and banning smoking in and around public buildings in a rather obvious step towards banning tobacco altogether (while at the same time rather mysteriously experimenting with government-produced weed and looking into legalizing XTC).

There is an obvious reason for this of course: the voters. Sure, on one hand there is the obvious point that the current establishment has been in power for far too long, power corrupts and no matter how much they meddle in our personal lives, people keep voting for them anyway. So why stop? But it’s not just that passive voter approval of their nannying, it’s the active dependence of large segments of the population on the government. People on both the left and the right have extreme difficulty disliking this without asking for them to be banned. Yes, I think that tendency is a bit stronger on the left – but in their defense, they have been seeing a lot of their requests honored. The right is logically more hesitant about banning things, because the things most likely to be banned are things that we like. If the shoe were on the other foot, I don’t think many on the right would be that different from the left.

But the reality is that leftists are seeking for independent media outlets to be banned. Also guns, speech, jokes, political movements, political parties, ideas – as well as non-political things like fatty foods, sugary drinks, alcohol, tobacco, we could go on.

The climate is more ban-friendly than ever, because while politicians have always loved power, now their followers have fallen in love with the idea of being able to control other people as well. A key element of today’s left-wing politics is identity politics and the exhaltation of victimhood. On one hand, people are reduced to their gender, race or whatever other group the left decides is the Big Factor – and they are either praised or punished accordingly. On the other hand, victimhood is almost an achievement in itself. People who do wrong are actually victims of society (or, better yet, the patriarchy, or white supremacy, or fill-in-the-blank) and no one is responsible for their own deeds. Since someone else is always to blame, there is no reason to work on one’s self, or to improve. It’s the world around them that needs to improve. And who has to do that for them? Big Government.

Leftism is for people who turn to government to fix their problems, who don’t want other people to have things because they don’t like them, and who think the faceless government knows best how to spend not only their money, but other people’s money as well. They are delegating their responsibilities to the government, because they cannot deal with them themselves.

Even more problematically, in the current left most people don’t seem to mind that they cannot hand over their responsibilities without also handing over their freedoms. Fine for them, but when they make up more than 50% of the population they get to hand in your freedoms too, simply because they don’t want to have responsibility for their own actions.


The more you ask government to take care of you, the more they are going to control you.

This is what Daniel Webster meant when he said:

There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters


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