Injustices in the name of ideology: gov tolerates illegals squatting in Amsterdam (illegally)

Illegal immigrants, aided by leftist activist groups, are squatting in several buildings in Amsterdam. At the request of left-wing parties, the city council has requested the owners not to have their buildings evacuated, even though squatting has been banned by national law in 2010. But the left make a tenacious habit out of picking and choosing which laws to actually uphold and which to ignore, as demonstrated by the ‘sanctuary cities’ in the US protecting illegal immigrants and by Deerfield, IL banning what they call “assault weapons”.

The mayor of Amsterdam is Jozias van Aartsen of the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy, which is economically right-wing on paper, but in actuality is part of the supposed “center” that is leaning increasingly left. They are not a people’s party and not particularly fond of freedom and democracy, as demonstrated by their support for open borders, maintaining of The Netherlands’ exorbitant tax rate for citizens, opposing the referendum and their support of the EU. But hey, what’s in a name? One would expect them to at least side with real estate owners, but not in the far-left stain on the map that is Amsterdam. The People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy is so right-wing that it is allowing leftists and illegals to break the law, and asking their victims to go along with it so that they don’t have to go against the left’s sacred ideologies of mass immigration and stealing from people who own things.

One of the victimized corporations, Ymere, is not going along with the city council’s request, and asking them to evacuate their buildings anyway. Their spokesperson states there is more going on than ‘just’ squatting:

Our staff are being threatened and intimidated. People are banging on the doors of our tenants’ houses at night and there is a very tense atmosphere in the area. One family had their windows thrown in.

Squatting is illegal. We want the law to be upheld and we wants our residents to feel safe in their houses and their neighborhood again.

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