Is lying to the dying a noble act now?

An Oregon man died peacefully in his home after his ex-wife lied to him and told him President Trump was impeached. Michael Garland Elliott, 75, passed away on April 6 surrounded by friends, caregivers, and neighbors who loved him (…) Teresa Elliott, 68, Michael’s ex-wife who is described as his “best friend” (…)told the Daily News that she told him Trump was impeached over the phone from her home in Austin, Texas.

Breitbart News, citing New York Daily News

How this ever made the media I haven’t got a clue, unless Ms Elliott herself felt the need to let the papers know of her Act Of Resistance. The point is though: this is being presented as the feel good story du jour, but it is really just very sad.

Even if it is your ex-wife you’re talking to in your final hours, you might hope she would say something nice about your time together. No matter how much I’d hate the person in charge, I should hope that’s not what my loved ones would think I’d want to hear about.

For the media, the spin on this tale is, of course, to illustrate how hated President Trump is. What it tells me, is something I already knew: leftists prefer the lies that fit their ideology to the reality we all live in.

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