Is President Trump ‘just a businessman’ doing this all by himself? Or is there more going on than we can see?

Thought Experiment 3: You are sworn in as POTUS (possibly the first President in over 3 decades chosen by voters, not by the establishment). And you won against

  • Your opponent
  • Your opponents party
  • Your party
  • The MSM
  • Your Intel agencies
  • Foreign Intel agencies
  • Globalists

(And all of that done by a rich guy, who is *just* a successful businessman who loves his country enough to fight that battle on his own dime) By himself. Wow.

So now you’re running a gov that for decades has been rotting from corruption, kick backs, side deals & sex parties with hidden cameras… And that was *before* the last 8 years where deliberate actions were taken to actively weaken the entire country.

And your stated goal of “Drain the Swamp”, IE, cleaning up the endemic, pervasive rot permeating all levels of government… Not only directly conflicts with the personal interests of the majority of gov workers… It’s a direct threat to the very structural existence

Of the infrastructure built into the government by foreign Globalists and competing/hostile govs the last administration was selling out to. How do you proceed? The LEO/Intel agencies you would task with Investigation & arrest of perpetrators are those opposing *you*

The existing government, of both parties, who you need to pass legislation to begin structural change are the same people whose gravy train you are proposing to derail. The courts you would have traitors & criminals tried in are staffed by the corruptocrats you are hunting

But hey, you got elected by the people who were tired of the corruption, & they voted you in because you promised to hit reset & start over. And they’re waiting.

But to get there, you have to tiptoe through a moving minefield. You have to find those who control the corruption. But you have to follow the rules (the same ones they broke or used against you). If you take a shortcut or break a rule yourself.. *IMPEACH*!!!

You have to change the court system: or when a bust is made: Insufficient evidence to convict. And free & clear from double jeopardy. The Intel agencies are too busy covering their own crimes (against you): they never thought you’d get elected.

You also have to identify & shut down the foreign funding & control channels. You have to find & repair the massive damage to the military. You have to play foreign relations poker to defuse false flag setups by Globalists. And learning your *allies* aren’t so much…

All the while dogged incessantly by gov agencies looking for the slightest meta-reason to remove you from office. With the MSM acting as the most deranged cheering section in the universe. And the people who elected you aren’t seeing any perp walks yet

And one *just a businessman* volunteered to do this by himself?
Look back the last 2 years, ignoring the MSM:

  • 2 new SCOTUS justices
  • Hundreds of new judges
  • Hundreds of people leaving, resigning, fired from gov
  • No wars
  • A complete reset on international economic deals
  • A resurgent economy the last admin said “was never coming back”
That’s what you *can* see. There’s much you *cannot* see. But judging from the direction so far, where are the unseen actions likely headed? So, are the Eeyore’s right? Is the *just a businessman* about to stumble into a coup? Or is there more going on than anyone sees?


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