Islamization continues to creep ahead in Belgium

Political islam is looking to further spread its wings in Belgium. An islamic political party, simply named Islam, is aiming for seats in at least 28 city councils during upcoming elections (they are already represented in two towns). Their plans include establishing Belgium as a “100% islamic state”, obligating schools to offer halal meals and the separation of men and women on public transportation. Naturally, the establishment – which has been mass-importing radical Muslims, not done anything to curb further radicalization and insists on fostering foreign cultures in our midst rather than demanding assimilation into western culture – is shocked.

The new political party is Their spokesperson insists that their proposed segregation of the sexes on public transportation serves merely to prevent sexual harrassment of women. But it sure is a nice tie-in to the age-old islamic tradition of reducing women to second-tier citizenship (as demonstrated in Europe’s own City Of Romance, where women are no longer allowed into cafes by themselves in areas that have a high percentage of Muslim inhabitants).

The rise of dedicated migrant political parties in Europe is a herald of the left getting bit in the behind by its own poisonous identity politics. They have spent decades importing new voters, but they will continue to lose them to these platforms catered even more specifically to their needs. Let’s hope they destroy each other before they destroy the West.

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