Italy: Anti-terror squad deployed after Antifa severely beat Forza Nuova leader

Tensions are running high in the run-up to a parliamentary election in Italy on March 4, 2018. There have been several violent incidents so far, the most recent one being an attack by left-wing extremists on Massimo Ursino, a local leader of the anti-immigration Forza Nuova leader. Ursino was attacked in Palermo by six assailants wearing balaclavas. According to The Local, his hands and feet were tied with parcel tape, punched and beaten, and then left with injuries to his head and face.

Shortly after the attack on Tuesday February 20, several suspects were taken into custody. And on Wednesday morning, the Italian anti-terrorism squad raided the homes of suspects, indicating that authorities in Italy at least acknowledge that Antifa is purebred terrorist organization. It seems hard to deny that a violent attack like this one, with a clear political motivation and political goal (i.e. scaring people into not supporting, voting or running for Forza Nuova) is indeed terrorism, yet the political and media elites in most countries in the West do just that.

Forza Nuova denounced the attack as an “attempted murder” and blamed their political opponents for the hate campaign they believed led up to it. The Local adds that the party called on its members to “mobilize to avoid communist violence”.

Laura Boldrini of the leftist Liberi e Uguali (Free and Equal) party also condemned the attack, noting on Twitter that “antifascism is a culture of peace”, blatantly ignoring the decades of violence, bombings, murders and attempted murders under the banner of “antifascism”.

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