Italy: Violent leftist protesters sabotage train, try to attack Matteo Salvini

From Voice Of Europe:

In the northern Italian city [of Trento], masked leftist protestors laid heavy chains across the train tracks at the Trento station to block trains and also threw paint across the windscreen of a locomotive. (…) As well, throwing smoke bombs throughout and around the station, causing schedule delays and traffic disturbances.

The article further notes:

The Deputy Prime Minister, who is also the Minister of the Interior and has polled as the most popular politician of all time in Italy, is a champion to the majority of Italians for his strong stance against open borders and illegal immigration.

But the left has demonstrated time and again that it believes in democracy only for as long as the majority believes what they believe. When things stop going their way, their true faces are revealed – that is when we see the faces of people who believe they know better what is right for everyone else, and of people who are prepared to use violence to achieve their ends.

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