Journalism is activism: NYT’s misleading headline about Nikki Haley’s curtains

Last year I wrote that all journalis, is activism. Whether deliberate or not, every news story is colored to some degree by the journalist or editor’s personal politics. From choosing which stories to run, to formulating a headline and picking an image for illustration. Every choice impacts the way in which the reader reads and registers the news:

Journalism = Activism


A clear example for this week has to do with Nikki Haley’s curtains and the New York Times’ article covering it:

Styxhexenhammer666 adds: “their title and first section omits the fact that Haley ordered the curtains under Obama and that they aren’t hers at all.

Exactly. The headline sets the tone. The huge section of New York Times readers who aren’t interested in a story about curtains will not read it but they will have a red flag in their heads about Nikki Haley (this is how we end up in debates with people going, “I’m not sure what she did exactly, but I remember it was bad.”

Do you think this headline might look different if something similar happens under the Trump administration, and the NYT finds out two years after his last term?

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