Left-wing haven Amsterdam: getting rid of cars and tourists, welcoming illegals

The Dutch capital of Amsterdam has long been ruled by the left. Its recently elected left-wing city council, consisting of the Green Left (GroenLinks), D66, Labor Party (PvdA) and the Socialist Party (SP), is looking to take the cake. Their plans, unveiled today, are aimed at getting cars and tourists out of the city, and illegals in.

Amsterdam will raise the already exorbitant cost of parking by 50% to as much as 7.50 euros per hour, and hopes to completely ban cars from the city center. Thousands of parking spots will be scrapped. The speed limit in other areas of the city will be lowered to 19 miles per hour (30 kilometers per hour), and on the freeways around Amsterdam to 50 mph (80 kph).

The city will use its 20% of shares in Schiphol airport to block efforts for expansion, and will accelerate its plans to ban the use of natural gas. The city will contribute a larger amount of money to the ‘ketikoti’ festival, which celebrates the end of slavery. Tourism will be discouraged by raising taxes, banning downtown stops for tourist boats and limiting Airbnb rentals among other things. International chain stores and restaurants will be barred from opening new locations in the city center.

After struggling with illegals squatting in its buildings (aided by the far left), Amsterdam is not cracking down on this particular group of people, but is rather turning itself into (even more of) a sanctuary city for “undocumented migrants”. Freebies for illegals are to include: residences for 500 people with high privacy and low security and the guarantee of not being arrested for illegal immigration (i.e. breaking the law). Residents can stay there for 1.5 years, but they mayor can decide to extend their stay. Amsterdam will also try to arrange internships or paid work for illegals.

Local taxes will be increased to pay for this left-wing pipe dream.

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