Left-wing terrorism in Portland, condoned by the mainstream left

The ‘Patriot Prayer’ march in Portland, OR last Saturday (June 30) was attacked by far-left aggressors in what should be considered terrorism. In spite of the video evidence of the right wing protesters engaging in violence only out of self defense, mainstream media outlets are – as usual – rushing to the defense of what should unequivocally be described as terrorists, but are still euphemistically dubbed Antifa.

Remember that that same mainstream left was outraged at President Trump when he pointed out the left’s long history of political violence and shutting down peaceful right-wing protests after the tragic escalation of the Charlottesville protest last year.

To take The Guardian as an example: in Jason Wilson’s article Riot in Portland as far-right marchers clash with anti-fascists, the headline alone contains three hints about the author’s bias:

  • The term ‘far-right’ marchers is not substantiated anywhere in the article, and hence is to be taken at face value by the readers – and is intended to soothe them into thinking an attack on their basic democratic rights is not that bad
  • To say the marchers ‘clashed’ with another group hides the cause of the riot. If right-wingers had attacked left-wingers, I’m certain Mr Wilson would have written exactly that. But to uphold the narrative that ‘the left wing = the sweet wing’ we are not supposed to know that left-wingers did indeed attack right-wingers in this case.
  • Calling the far-left attackers ‘anti-fascists’ fits in with a longstanding mainstream media tradition: left-wing groups get to choose their own labels, while right-wing groups are indiscriminately dubbed ‘far-right’ or ‘extreme’. Antifa is a (loosely organized) group which sets out to use violence and threats of violence to suppress opposing political voices. They mean to prevent right-wingers from gathering, protesting and speaking publicly, and they proudly use violence to do so. The only accurate description of such a group would be: terrorists. Alluding to their self-ascribed label of ‘anti-fascism’ unjustly lends credence to these extremists and yet that is exactly what the so-called mainstream left continues to do.

Mr Wilson’s article for The Guardian uses the exact same video shown in the tweet above as an introduction. The video clearly shows the left-wing extremists hurling objects into the right-wing protest, including a firework which explodes in the middle of the crowd. After that, right-wingers start to run out to confront the Antifa terrorists. Obvious self-defense against an aggressive and violent group, needed because police forces stay passive (while they shouldn’t even have allowed the violent left anywhere near the authorized right-wing protest). But Jason Wilson, while I assume he has seen the video, writes:

Patriot Prayer supporters – many of whom wore the colours of a rightwing fraternity called Proud Boys – were seen hitting counter-protesters with flagpoles, trash can lids, and their fists. (…) Counter-protesters, some clad in “black bloc” clothing and masks, released deafening fireworks, and punched back at Patriot Prayer supporters.

This is a complete inversion of the order of events. The author calls the violent left-wing extremists (who were there specifically to disrupt an otherwise peaceful protest) ‘counter protesters’ and emphasizes that they ‘punched back‘, omitting altogether that the ‘deafening fireworks’ were actually aimed at the right-wing protesters – ostensibly with intent to injure them.

Another video shows an Antifa terrorist, masked and dressed in black to prevent identification by police, attempting to hit a right-wing protester with a blunt instrument (a stick or a pipe). He fails and gets knocked out with a single punch by his intended victim. After delivering the punch, the right-winger steps back and shows no intention of further punching or kicking his attacker while down (which is something the left has been known to do regularly). Another clear case of self-defense. But in the universe of a mainstream media ‘journalist’, committed to the unifying cause of leftism, this becomes:

One Proud Boy was seen to floor an anti-fascist protester with a single punch. Later in the day he was seen being cuffed by police officers.

This is not a unique occurrence. This is par for the course. Left-wing extremists use violence to prevent the right from having their voices heard. The right are insufficiently protected by the authorities (one right-wing protester is quoted in Wilson’s article saying the police had “set us up” by “disarming us and herding us towards antifa” – another eerie similarity to what happened in Charlottesville). And the left-wing violence is condoned, justified and in some cases celebrated by the mainstream left – further emboldening the extremists for future acts of terrorism.

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