Liberals OK with shutting down Coulter must also be OK with shutting down Gay Pride

Professor Aaron Hanlon of Colby University was on Tucker Carlson Tonight defending his article stating that “colleges have a right to reject hateful speakers like Ann Coulter”. It is mainly thanks to apologists like Hanlon that terrorism has won in Berkeley again last Thursday (April 27). There was a free speech rally, thanks to the unwaivering protesters who went out to peacefully assemble, but the main attraction (Ann Coulter) was canceled by the original event organizers YAF.

Professor Hanlon’s main argument is that “colleges should be able to have standards for the speakers that they bring”, suggesting that right wing speakers like Coulter (and Milo Yiannopoulos and Lauren Southern and basically anything to do with the President of the United States) is “simply provoking students”, which – even if it were true – is apparently so terrible that it warrants the use of violence to shut down the viewpoints of the provocateurs.

Professor Hanlon’s explanation is classic victim blaming, and there was a lot more of this on Twitter from so-called “liberals” (who have about as much to do with liberty as Hillary Clinton with being President of the US):

They must also have been OK with it when skinheads or “hooligans” attacked a Gay Pride rally in Kiev.

If Professor Hanlon insists that the fragile little souls in Berkeley have the right to have “standards” for which kind of speakers or events to welcome into their midst, then surely these masked thugs (is anyone else seeing any parallels here?) do, too. And if they felt that the organizers were having a Gay Pride March to “simply provoke” them, then it is AOK for them to violently attack the participants, because we can’t have hooligans and neo-nazis being confronted with viewpoints other than their own – they have a right to defend themselves against such provocations.

Ann Coulter can say what she wants, just not in Berkely. And hey, Kiev’s gay community still get to be gay, just not then and there. No big deal, right, liberals?

No, Professor Hanlon. That’s not how freedom works.


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