MAGAbomber threats against the left: denounced by the right, media bias revealed again, seeds sown by the left.

Imagine this: you open up Twitter to see a bomb scare against your political opponents in trending. And all of the people you support are on Twitter denouncing the potentially politically motivated threats against the opposing party’s leaders. That is precisely what happened to me, and it forms a stark contrast to the incitement and (civil) war mongering we have seen from the left (increasingly) over the past two years.

There is no mainstream left anymore – The democrat party is on the verge of becoming a terrorist organization

Only yesterday, I warned on Twitter that the left has been pushing the boundaries of “acceptable” protest further and further for a while, and that it would backfire at some point – adding that the left would blame the right for violence, perhaps even jump on any backlash as proof that the right is inherently bad / violent / evil / [insertbuzzwordhere]. But it is the left that has been laying a foundation of political violence. It is hard to believe that they never expected it to turn against them in any way. It seems more likely that they knew it might, but they would use the Democrat Media Industry to spin any right-wing violence against the GOP,  while ignoring or downplaying the left-wing violence we have been seeing.

Interestingly, we have not seen any actual proof of the perpetrator’s motive yet, but media and social media are allowing a narrative of a right-wing / anti-left political motive to spread.

According to CNN’s Jim Acosta, NYC mayor Bill de Blasio has no problems jumping to the conclusion that “This is clearly an act of terror” – a stark contrast to any other incident in which the targets are not left-wing politicians, when the authorities endlessly question what on Earth the motive could be.

As one (but probably more) astute Twitter user pointed out, the package sent to CNN contains an ISIS emblem. While this does not mean that ISIS was involvement, it emphasizes the callousness of those shouting that this was a “#MAGAbomber”.

It could be a right-winger, it could be a right-winger trying to execute a false flag ISIS attack, it could be ISIS, it could be a left-winger trying to execute a false flag right-wing attack. All options are open, and in the investigation they should be. It is telling that the mainstream media are betting full force on one of these options. But it wouldn’t be the first left-wing inspired hoax attack, and it would be very gratifying if this turned out to be another one.

What the left is failing to see is that this is win-win for the right: the right have been denouncing attacks against right-wingers, and they are also denouncing this attack against left-wingers. The left didn’t care about political violence as long as the right was targeted – they even encouraged more of it. The side of unity, the side of fairness, equal treatment, equal judgement and non-violence in any case is the right.

If this turns out to be a left-wing false flag, meant to incriminate the right, or an actual ISIS attack (which I do not immediately attack, but it could be with the intent to inspire division and animosity), that reaffirm the right’s previous statements about the threats coming from the left or from radical Islam, as well as revealing the media bias against the right.

The person responsible for sending these packages should be arrested and brought to justice. Bill de Blasio is not wrong for calling this terrorism, it certainly seems to be. But anybody eagerly calling this terrorism, while ignoring, defending or celebrating Antifa and other left-wing violence is a partisan hack who should be permanently ostracized from the political arena.

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