Mainstream is still pushing for war in Syria

There have been some tense moments in the past couple of days, in which we have seen President Trump flirting with the idea of attacking Syria, risking a head-on conflict with Russia. While Trump seems to have backtracked a little, many fear(ed) that we are on the brink of World War III erupting. I don’t know what Trump is planning. I don’t know if his flip-flopping is indecisiveness or strategy. I don’t know if President Trump has any actual say in whether or not a war will be started, and I don’t know if there is a Deep State which is steering the world into war, and if so: why. With so much going on and so little clarity, it is hard to make sense of the situation. But the public response to the situation is usually very interesting indeed.

This is world politics and we only know a small part of the full story. The US first seemed to say there was evidence of Assad being behind the gas attack, but now seems to want more proof. France says it has such proof. But Russia says it has proof that it was someone else. There is no way for us to know which version, if any, is the truth. So we do what we do a lot of the time: we choose to believe the person we like the best, or the version that supports our existing world view the best. With that, my appreciation for the Trump supporters base grows even bigger, as many of them do not support the war mongering and they are letting it be known.

Not so much the establishment. There is a massive push for war coming from the establishment, much like we have seen last year, when the situation was fairly similar. An interesting image comes from Sky News, which cuts off a UK national security adviser in the midst of his narrative just as he is shedding doubt on the official narrative by stating that it would be illogical for Assad to order a chemical attack on civilians while he is winning the war, and the US has just announced it would withdraw from the country. There is a lot to lose, and nothing to gain for Assad there.

Even if he did do it, simply because he is a ‘beast’ or because ‘he likes it’. Isn’t this why we have the UN? I know the UN is useless and it would probably write Assad a firmly worded letter, but it is why we have them. So why is the world so eager for the US to get their hands dirty? So that they can go back to complaining about the US being the ‘world police’ again?

Independent Dutch journalist Arnold Karskens points out that the Dutch public newscaster NOS allows itself to be used as a propaganda outlet, showing only the UK / USA official narrative. While the Belgian public newscaster VRT actually briefly showed Russia and Syria’s side of the story, in the form of a spokesperson insisting that no victims were sent to hospital around the time of the attack.

Lastly, it’s interesting to note that, while the left are saying “See, I told you so”, trusting Müller to come up with an indictment for Trump for being to friendly with the Russians – they are now also saying “See I told you so, Trump hates Russia and doesn’t care if he starts WWIII by attacking them.”

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