Mainstream media caught whitewashing islamic terrorism

In the aftermatch of each islamic terrorist attack in the West we can always be sure that the mainstream media waste no time explaining away the role of Islam in the savage violence, often even managing to not even say the words “Islam” or “Muslim” in their around-the-clock coverage of the events. After the attacks on London Bridge and Borough Market two leading MSM outlets have been caught in a blatant attempt of whitewashing Islamic terrorism of its dominant factor, i.e. Islam.


CNN staff staging a Muslim protest against terrorism has been all over Twitter. First, reporter Becky Anderson is standing around, ranting against the terrorists.

Then, out of nowhere a “spontaneous protest” of Muslim women gathers behind her. They are positioned and instructed by CNN crew, and even two police officers are added to the crowd in order to make the protest look as big as possible.


More whitewashing by the Dutch public news network NOS. In a witness interview a man mentions the words “Muslims” and (them shouting) “Allah” – which is reality being terribly politically incorrect of course, and therefore reality must be altered. NOS aired the interview, but cut out the two words that made it clear we are dealing with Islamic terrorism and not just three random nutjobs in a white van. The evidence is in the second video in this article on the Dutch right-leaning blog GeenStijl.

Thanks to the mainstream media, progressives can sleep soundly at night, believing there are no problems with Islam, and be just as surprised about the next attack (and the one after that, and the one after that, ad infinitum) as they were about this one.

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