Malinese ‘refugee’ gets French citizenship, returns to Mali to be driven around in limo

Last May a video went viral of Malinese ‘refugee’ Mamoudou Gassama climbing up four floors of a building in Paris from balcony to balcony to rescue a toddler hanging from a ledge. Shortly afterwards, he was granted citizenship by French President Emmanuel Macron. To celebrate, Gassama went back to Mali and was driven around the capital of the country he had supposedly fled in despair.

As pointed out on the Belgian blog Re-Act, French soldiers are currently stationed in Mali, risking their lives to defend the people against Islamic terrorists. In the meantime, healthy young men like Gassama leave the country and head to Europe. They could be fighting for their own country. They could clearly even just go to their own country’s capital and be safe and drive around in limousines.


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