Man attacked and beaten at Vans Warped Tour for wearing Trump shirt

A man wearing a “Trump is my President” shirt was allegedly attacked and beaten during the Vans Warped Tour on 22 June 2018 (possibly 21 June). One concertgoer who filmed and shared the attack online celebrated the violence and received a lot sympathy, although she also complained in her Twitter feed about “conservatives swarming her profile”.

The Twitter user in question has since blocked off her tweets for public viewing and I haven’t found a news item or story to corroborate the claims so far. But there was a video attached of a man in a red shirt being attacked in a mosh pit. It was impossible to make out if it was indeed a pro-Trump shirt, but it seems highly likely. Apparently this form of political violence is simply not newsworthy. Until someone on the left is attacked of course.


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