Melbourne: The left has solved terrorism!

In September 2016 I wrote:

Terrorism is over, everybody! It’s all gone, and we actually have the left to thank for it. Here’s what they’ve come up with: we’ll just not call anything terrorism anymore! And everything will be fine, of course.

Terrorism: defeated!

The establishment is still trying this method. A car ploughed into a group of pedestrians in Melbourne today, and the authorities were quick to declare this, although the crash was deliberate, was not terrorism-related. The first red flag is that terror attacks are rarely confirmed to be terror attacks as quickly as this was declared not to be terrorism. Scrutiny is not the argument, de-escalation is. But at what cost?

18 people have been injured in the attack.

We’ve seen the same in Amsterdam, in the immediate aftermath of President Trump’s announcement of moving the US embassey in Israel to Jerusalem, where a man with a Palestinian flag attacked a Kosher restaurant. The attacker was a Syrian who came to The Netherlands as an asylum seeker, stated he fighted in the Syrian army, while he actually fought against the Assad regime with an Islamist group. The man received combat and weapons training in Syria and was fully prepared for combat. The man has declared that he would use violence again and that he was prepared to die a martyr for his cause. But the authorities declared the attack “not terror related” and released the violent jihadi within two days.

There have been two more suspicious incidents in Amsterdam. Just last week, shortly after the Jewish restaurant attack, a knife wielding man was shot and apprehended at Schiphol Airport. And in June a driver ploughed his car into a group of pedestrians (several Israeli) outside of Amsterdam Central Station, wounding eight. Police said the man had suffered from low blood sugar and had blacked out. Interestingly, none of the surrounding 15 (!) security cameras apparently recorded the incident, and also interestingly, we were not supposed to know the driver’s non-Dutch sounding name, which was leaked to online media later.

And we’ve seen it throughout the Summer of 2016, when we were suddenly faced with a remarkable surge in “bewildered” or “confused” men attacking random travellers on public transportation, or targeting jews or police in broad daylight attacks. Strikingly similar attacks, in some cases accompanied by shouts of Alluhu Akbar. But no islamic terrorism, mind you…

  • A Jewish man was stabbed in Strasbourg on August 19 2016
  • Two young men were severely injured after they were attacked on a train in Sulz, Austria on August 16 2016
  • A man injured several people and killed one woman in a knife attack in Switzerland on August 13 2016
  • An Afghan asylum seeker injured several travellers in an axe attack on a train in Salzburg, Austria on July 18 2016

This list is probably not even complete. Even so, this concentration of attacks ended as abruptly as it began. But we are supposed to believe there had been no coordination or motivation from islamic terror groups.

We’ve also seen something similar when the Swedish police decided not to report the mass sexual assault of festival goers in 2014, so that dozens of girls went unprepared and unaware in 2016 to get – surprise surprise – sexually assaulted by gangs of migrants.

Knowing and understanding potential threats are vital to our security and our survival. The politically correct elite is trying to deprive us of that knowledge, leaving us exposed and lending our enemies the constant advantage of the element of surprise. The establishment is happy to sacrifice our wellbeing for the sake of protecting its bankrupt ideologies.