MEP Judith Sargentini tries to get Twitter user fired for wrongthink

GreenLeft (GroenLinks) politician Judith Sargentini was challenged on Twitter about the Dutch government signing the Marrakesh Pact. Instead of a substantiated response, she copied in the Twitter user’s employer, ostensibly with the goal of getting him in trouble at his job.

It is an age-old tactic of the left, used to disqualify and criminalize the right, and to bully the right into obscurity and anonimity. It is often followed up by dismissal of people using anonymous accounts online, while it is precisely the left’s pestering that is making people scared of speaking their mind openly.

Judith Sargentini, known for her deadly incompetence on immigration and her role in the EU establishment’s crusade against Hungary, will attempt to kill your career if you engage in wrongthink and she will use her tax payer funded platform as a member of the European Parliament to pressure your employer to take steps against you.

She tweeted:

An emerging CDA [Christian Democrats] politician and sales manager for Gazelle [a bike manufacturer] who knows nothing about the law, attaches more importance to 150 yellow vests and thinks rejecting migrants is more important than fighting terrorism. Is this the future of the CDA party?

(If the English translation seems strange, that is because the original tweet was barely coherent, making it difficult to translate)

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