Middle Eastern Muslims are baffled by Europe’s soft approach to returning ISIS fighters

Freshly returned from the war zone in Syria, Dutch independent war correspondent Harald Doornbos (whom we have mentioned before) has explained in an interview with a MSM newspaper in The Netherlands why Muslims in the Middle East are baffled by the way our establishment is treating ISIS fighters returning to Europe:

These guys have been “cleansing”, murdering and raping like beasts in Syria for years. There are hardly ever any witnesses to the atrocities they have committed, so Dutch courts will have to acquit them for a lack of evidence. And if they are sentenced, they’ll get a maximum of two years in prison. These are today’s SS soldiers we’re talking about, comparable to the Dutch who joined the SS during World War II. They were severely punished after the war. Quite a lot of them were sentenced to death. But nowadays in Western Europe the popular approach is to feel understanding of everything, and to give everyone a thousand chances.

(…) Don’t be surprised if some runs over a hundred people in [Amsterdam] soon. Many Muslims in the Middle East are baffled about Europe’s lax approach to these extremists. In large parts of the Muslim world, ISIS fighters are killed or imprisoned for 25 years. In Western Europe many people seem to think we can get them back on track with free education and housing benefits. These politicians who have no idea of the basics of Islam. Politicians who deal with Muslims professionally, on appointment, but have none in their own circle. They think they know better how to deal with ISIS and Al-Qaeda than Arabs of Pakistani who have been Muslims for their entire lives and know all the ins and outs of Islam.

Harald Doornbos has a lot of first hand experience with radical Islam, through the great amount of time he has spent on the frontlines of Middle Eastern wars and conflicts. And also through his Arab-Muslim wife and the many death threats from radicals they both receive. He has offered a couple of grave warning in Dutch media by now, and I can only recommend we take them to heart.


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