Moroccans riot in European cities after World Cup qualifier

Last weekend, the national soccer team of Morocco qualified for the World Cup in 2018, which prompted violent celebrations in several European cities. The Moroccan communities are already known for their failure to participate in European culture and society, and they greedily jump on opportunities like these to further prove where their loyalties lie. 2 police officers were injured in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and 22 in Brussels (Belgium).

Traffic was stopped, public transportation halted, people dragged from their car and assaulted, fireworks and projectiles hurled at police. There was video footage showing heavy (illegal) fireworks being thrown at police. When asked by a reporter “It looks like the fireworks are being thrown near the police now, doesn’t it?”, a police spokesperson on the scene replied: “Of course, that’s how happy people are.”

Afterwards, Amsterdam police admitted that they deliberately did not make any arrests for fear of further escalation.

Brussels (Belgium)

The Hague (The Netherlands)




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