Netherlands: 90% of immigrants with permanent visa still unemployed after 2.5 years

A report from the Dutch Bureau of Statistics (CBS) shows that almost 90% of immigrants who were granted asylum in 2014 are still unemployed now, 2.5 years later. Of those working, just 15% have a full-time job – the others are working part-time.

Researcher Jan van de Beek, who frequently warns against mass immigration, explains that part of the problem is that immigrants have little financial incentive to take low-skill work, as their paycheck from just being on welfare is almost the same. Left-wing charity Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland (Refugee Work Netherlands) insists that immigrants should not have to accept any job option, even though there are possibilities for refugees in the many greenhouse farms in The Netherlands. They say it won’t help immigrants to integrate into Dutch society, because they are “more likely to learn Polish than Dutch” in the greenhouses.

Right. The Netherlands has too many European immigrants working in greenhouses, so Third World immigrants should not bother anymore and will be better off collecting free tax money and hanging around in immigrant neighborhoods, sticking to their immigrant customs, not contributing anything to society or the economy – because that will give them a better chance at making it over here.

Leftism is poison.

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