Netherlands: Activist journalists and lawyers rally to aid refugee rapist

Last week a 20 year old man from the Dutch city of Nijmegen was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison for raping a 15 year old girl while she was under the influence of marihuana. If we had to rely on the mainstream media for our information, we would know nothing more about the perpetrator, but thanks to online media we learn that he came to this country as a refugee, as the court documents reveal:

The defense has requested the court take into consideration the fact that the suspect’s outlook for the future has become uncertain because of this matter, since the suspect is a refugee from [redacted] trying to build his life in The Netherlands.

Court documents show that the victim (a girl from a troubled background) came to suspect’s house voluntarily, but communication between her and suspect was difficult since they needed someone (who would become a witness in the case) to translate to and from Arabic.

Mainstream media make no mention of the suspect’s nationality or status as “refugee” / asylum seeker. They don’t give his name, while it is customary in Dutch media to offer a first name with the initial of the last name. But these days that only seems to be the case when the first name is ostensibly Dutch. By describing the suspect as a man from Nijmegen, mainstream media deliberately imply that the man is native Dutch.

Aside from activist journalists, we are seeing ever more activist justice officials around the West as well (on Rise Of The Everyman, I have covered examples from The Netherlands and the US). In this case, the court does not go along with the defense attorney’s wishes for lenience towards a man because he has recently immigrated into the country. But to even ask it is outrageous – we should demand exemplary behavior from those coming to our country and (supposedly) wanting to live among us. We should not tolerate serious transgressions and certainly not direct attacks on the safety and wellbeing of the natives, i.e. us.


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