Netherlands: activist judge lenient on Afghan rapist so he wouldn’t lose his permit

An activist judge in Amsterdam, The Netherlands has been particularly lenient for an Afghan rapist asylum seeker, keeping his sentence light so he would not lose his visa. The man, Zaman S., was convicted for raping a mentally challenged 18 year-old girl in 2016.

The usual and nationally advised sentencing in similar cases would be two years in prison, according to Dutch media (which is still inexcusably low). The court motivated its decision to issue a lower sentence (20 months) by stating that ‘the punishment should not have the drastic consequence of him losing his permit to stay in The Netherlands’. The victim and her father are understandably outraged. Their lawyer adds: “His permit should not be in consideration when dealing with a crime as serious as this.”

The court also factored in that the rapist’s wife has just arrived in The Netherlands and they are expecting a baby. And apparently his happiness and chance of starting a family outweigh his raping a young, vulnerable girl.

One year ago, the very same Amsterdam court ruled that the “two years guideline is outdated: it should be higher.” Just not when there is an asylum seeker involved apparently. As it turns out, one of the three (all female) judges used to be a pro-refugee activist, a published attorney in immigration cases. We are no longer equal under the law: non-asylum seekers are more severely punished than asylum seekers for the same crime.

For all the victim groups the left creates and cherishes, actual victims of actual crimes should not count on their support.

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