Netherlands and France have started retrieving children of ISIS fighters

The Dutch government has long said that it would not endeavour to retrieve children of ISIS fighters from the fallen ‘caliphate’. On Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 June, public broadcasting channels ran news items about the subject – with no critical arguments against the suggested plans. On Monday 10 June, the story broke that The Netherlands was already in the process of retrieving two children born to (now-deceased) ISIS volunteers. Feels like State TV running PR for the government.

Two orphaned children, described as ‘Dutch’ in the media, were delivered to a delegation of the Dutch government by the Qurdish authorities in Northern Syria. Another twelve orphaned children from families of French ISIS fighters were handed over to French delegates.

Mere months ago, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte dismissed the option of Dutch representatives going to Syria to retrieve ISIS children. Many have issued the obvious warnings that these traumatized and brainwashed children pose a serious threat to their surroundings if they would return to The Netherlands. ISIS is well-known for having children perform executions and hardening them to extreme violence. Now, the powers that be want to put them in classes with pampered, feminizing Dutch kids whose most traumatizing experience in life was maybe Netflix being out of service for part of a night.

Even though the children themselves are not to blame for the actions of their parents, the security of the Dutch population – especially Dutch children – should prevail over the urge to engage in naive experimentation to integrate them back into society.

In the same area, there are 55 adults with a Dutch background who chose to join ISIS, and another 85 children – all in refugee camps or prisons. Only orphaned children are being retrieved so far, but who still trusts Western-European governments not to move on to children whose parents are still alive, and ultimately the adults as well?

Update 14 June 2019:

In a separate case, a woman was arrested in January 2018 for membership of ISIS. When she was jailed, her two children were ultimately placed with their grandparents – however, their grandparents were also known ISIS supporters. The Grandfather was known with city authorities as a radicalized Muslim, having played a big part in the radicalization of his children. Police found a large ISIS poster during a search of the house. Since he was never prosecuted, Dutch CPS doesn’t seem to care and houses his two grand children, reared in ISIS territory, with him anyway. Thus, children traumatized and desensitized by growing up with the extreme violence of ISIS find their way into our midst, and – more importantly – alongside our unsuspecting children in schools and playgrounds.

This is to say: your leaders do not care about you; they only care about making the world the way they want it to be.

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