Netherlands: Community service sought against group of Muslims for brutal attack on gay couple

Arnhem, The Netherlands (April 2017): a gay couple was brutally attacked at night by a group of Moroccans. The attackers used bolt cutters, and one of the victim lost several teeth. The suspects were around 14-16 years old, started verbally harassing the victims, apparently because they were walking hand in hand after which the encounter quickly escalated into what could easily be considered attempted murder. The attackers’ lawyer later insisted that the gay couple initiated the attack, because of course a gay couple would attack a group of six to eight immigrants who are out at night with bolt cutters. It is unknown whether the bolt cutters were meant to cut flowers for the boys’ grandmothers or for more sinister reasons. The establishment’s response? Ostentatiously walking hand in hand for a little press moment, in spectacularly safe environments of course. And, well, nothing else really.

From Why the feel-good vote is a left-wing vote. And why that’s wrong.

The follow-up to the story above is that the establishment indeed is going to do nothing else about it. The public prosecutor has asked for community service against four of the perpetrators, for up to a maximum of 180 hours. It is common for judges’ sentences to turn out lower than the prosecutor’s request so that is not looking very promising.

The prosecutor has stated that there are no indications that the sexuality of the victims was the reason for the attack, although the attackers did use ‘derogatory terms’. It’s funny how it never works out like that the other way around. In the UK, the victim now gets to decide what their attackers were thinking (but no doubt that only applies to certain groups of victims and certain groups of attackers). And The Netherlands recently went into a ‘hate crime’ frenzy when a young Muslim girl was attacked for refusing to take off her headscarf in a shocking incident that never actually happened – clearly, when hate crimes do happen, it only counts when Muslims are victims, not when they are the attackers.

The Netherlands used to be a leading country for the safety of the LGBT community, but it is becoming increasingly clear that the left has sold them out and traded them in for their new favorites: Muslim immigrants now trump all others in the victimhood hierarchy. And they make good use of it.

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