Netherlands: convicted murderer walks out of courtroom, is now missing

The Netherlands has long been one of the left’s guiding lights, which should tell you enough about the state of our justice system. A previously convicted murderer was back in the courtroom to stand trial for taking a senior couple hostage and threatening to kill them. The prosecutor called for a psychiatric treatment commonly used for the criminally insane. But the man’s preliminary imprisonment was suspended for the duration of the trial, which means that until the moment of sentencing he was formally free. He made good use of this, as he simply walked out of the courtroom and then disappeared. The prosecutor asked the court to have the man formally placed under arrest immediately, but the court refused because it saw no threat to society. Even so, the man’s victims have been placed under protective surveillance, so they now get to relive their traumas, courtesy of the leftist infused Dutch justice system and in particular this activist judge who is apparently big on second chances.

So who is getting the second chance here? When he was 19, the suspect killed someone by stabbing him 72 times. He was in prison for six years and then started the same kind of psychiatric treatment, which would turn out to last a total of 24 years. This kind of treatment is aimed fully at the rehabilitation of criminals and has nothing to do with providing the victims any sense of retribution or justice. There are regularly convicts who escape, as the treatment is (at least after some time) fairly open. In some cases the convicts are out on a walk, escorted by a single health care professional, and they can simply walk away. This suspect escaped from his treatment facility several times.

The prosecutor is seeking a three year prison sentence and psychiatric treatment for the hostage-taking, even though psychologists and psychiatrists have observed no mental illness. Apparently, this prosecutor knows better than medical professionals and wants to have the man forcibly treated for something he doesn’t have.


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