Netherlands: discriminating against non-whites bad, discriminating against whites good

Recently in the Netherlands it has surfaced that almost half of all employment agencies are willing to screen candidates based on their ethnicity at their customers’ request. An investigative TV show called 78 such agencies, asking them for contact center employees, but none of Turkish, Moroccan or Surinamese descent.¬†There are many legitimate reasones for an employer to make such a request, but the only one you will see in the headlines is, of course, “discrimination”.

One attentative Dutch Twitter user came across mainstream media newspaper NRC Handelsblad, which decried this “discrimination” as a “persistent problem” – and had an ad on the very next page for the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, looking for a new member on the Board of Supervisors with a “preference for a culturally diverse background”, which is obviously equally discriminatory. Besides that, it’s also entirely nonsensical, because it clearly means a preference for someone of non-Western descent, or of non-white complexion, which is no more “culturally diverse” than Westerners – but “culture” and “diversity” are fun buzzwords for the left and they don’t need to have meaning.

So far, no investigative TV show has been asking around about white people being excluded from a national museum’s Board of Supervisors (or about Amsterdam’s city council, which has been discriminating against Dutch natives as well), but when a company wants the people answering their phones to sound professional and not have an accent, that is the end of the world as the left knows it.

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