Netherlands: far left activist detained for threatening to murder the Dutch ‘Santa Claus’

A little throwback to November:

Saint Nicholas has arrived in The Netherlands. For the next two and a half weeks, the country’s children are under the spell of this folkore children’s festival which culminates on December 5th with basically lots of presents and candy. The country’s adults will, as has become a tradition of its own, be engulfed in a battle between supporters and opponents of Saint Nicholas’ trusty helpers: Black Pete.

Black Pete’s opponents consider him an racist stereotype, while his supporters consider him an innocuous and beloved part of the age old tradition (Black Pete’s roots actually date back through thousands of years of European folklore which manifests across Europe these days in many different ways). The opponents of Black Pete are largely made up off far-left activists and other people who have made a career out of being perpetually offended, but thanks to their allies in mainstream media and politics they have managed to steadily grow their support base over the past couple of years.

This week it turned out that one of the far left activists, one Michael van Zeijl, called for the assassination (!) of Saint Nicholas on Facebook, by suggesting “putting a price on his head” and “doubling the bounty” if he were shot during the annual televised parade. In his post, Van Zeijl fantasized about children being “splattered with brains and bone fragments”.

Mind you, Saint Nicholas is basically the Dutch Santa Claus. Van Zeijl was detained during the Saint Nicholas parade and a criminal investigation has now been opened. Thankfully, there are some lines even the left is not allowed to cross. But let us fully realize how far things have already come. These are the same kinds of people who are continually being appeased with statues being torn down, paintings being removed from museums, streets being renamed, et cetera. The attacks on Western cultural heritage are not going to stop, the violence is not going to stop.

So, this is your brain on left-wing tolerance, I suppose.


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