Netherlands: highest scoring student in class shamed by teacher for ‘fascist’ politics

This Dutch high school grad obtained the school’s highest grade for the History finals. As a reward he was called out by his professor in front of the entire school for his politcal preference for “right-wing” party @fvdemocratie, and was later given the book “Fascism, a warning”

Forum Voor Democratie (Forum For Democracy), led by Thierry Baudet, is recently founded right-wing political party in The Netherlands. It opposes immigration, islamization and the EU and battles the ‘cartel of establishment political parties’. Forum For Democracy and Baudet have since been receiving the same treatment Pim Fortuyn and Geert Wilders have gotten from the political and media establishment.

One of their talking points is the leftist bias in Dutch education, of which this is just one example.

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