Netherlands: immigrants terrorizing pool, attacking police walk free

Five “youths”, aged 15 tot 17 years old, were removed from a public pool by police in the Dutch town of Hoorn for endangering other swimmers and attempted assault. Once outside, the boys turned on the police, who had to use their batons to take them into the police station. The “District Attorney” has decided not to seek any legal action against the five, since in his opinion they have been punished enough with the use of police batons (which, needless to repeat, was necessary because of the gang’s aggression against the arresting officers) and having spent one (!) night in jail. Mind you, this is after Dutch authorities promised 10 years ago to go extra hard after thugs attacking emergency services, and allowing for sentences to be tripled in these instances.

There are unconfirmed reports that the five were of North-African complexion, but that description certainly fits the MO as described in the first paragraph.

Note that Dutch police are not exactly know for being quick to use force to subdue suspects. Note also that non-western immigrants and their descendants are used to a far harsher style of policing; it is not surprising if the baton is the only way to get through to them. The Dutch justice system is a joke to these thugs, and all this does is confirm to them that they can do whatever they like in this country. Clearly, the authorities are not going to protect the Dutch against their savagery.

This came to light after one of the police officers involved vented his frustration on Twitter, referencing the failed promise to crack down on attacks against police and other emergency services.

The police have responded now, saying that the officer’s account of the situation is incorrect and that there will be legal consequences for the four suspects. However, in their press release they state that charges against two of the suspects have been dropped. The only charges still being investigated are disturbance of the peace and insulting a police officer. The police leadership are deliberately trying to spin their weak response to violent thugs to make it sound like action is being taken, while it is obvious that there will be no serious repercussions whatsoever, and this will mark nothing more than a victory for these youngsters, who no doubt have a blooming career in crime ahead of them.

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